Jun 26

The Decisive Moment: Countdown To Photographing An Eclipse

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Capture12 Photography Tours and Adventures: A Personal Journey 

The Great North American Eclipse Road Trip 2017: Mesa Arizona to Rexburg Idaho 947 miles

So here’s the deal. I’ve wanted to see an eclipse for as long as I can remember and on August the 21st 2017 I have an opportunity to do so. I witnessed a partial eclipse in the UK quite some time ago, however, not only was it partial, but also cloudy and could only get a glimpse of it through the haze.


The only issue I have is that it’s almost a thousand miles from where I live in Mesa Arizona, and I’m on a budget. Flights are expensive but saves time, lot’s of time. Hotels are expensive but comfortable, safe and a good base to work from. So to sum it all up, I can’t afford to go… Or can I? There is an alternative, drive and camp! So a Road Trip, as they like to call them in the US is on the cards. However this is not my favorite method and certainly a new experience, but affordable.


I’m actually very excited at the concept of a Photo Safari road trip. I run photo safaris for clients but have never created one for myself. Horseshoe Bend, Bryce Canyon, the Great Salt Lake are just a few sights along the way.

Let the journey begin.

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