Jul 22

Abigail Lynch at Capture12

August showcases a solo show by Abigail Lynch


I have edited these photographs in such a way to create relationships between the singular images. The visual language I interpret daily informs me of particular issues: The humanized desert landscape that surrounds me, gender constructs that infiltrate my existence through economic commodities, and societal iconography, both borrowed and created, worshipped and purchased. It all finally calls back to the photographic medium itself, for the most urgent issue is at last, a desperate, burning desire to deeply understand photography. Hollis Frampton (or as Bill Jenkins lovingly refers to him, Uncle Hollis) articulates in his essay Incisions in History/ Segments of Eternity:

“We do not define our art, but rather it some how defines us, as hexagonal labyrinths of wax both circumscribe and detail the honeybee”

Thus, this sequence of photographs conveys the visual language of photography, explaining my thoughts without words, which are at last gratuitous.

Artist bio:
Born in 1991, Abigail Lynch relocated from Virginia to the suburban desert of Phoenix, Arizona before reaching the age of one. In high school she thrived in studies focusing on the arts leading her to pursue a Fine Art Degree in Photography at Arizona State University. Abigail’s work, ranging from hanging images to collections in books has been shown at several galleries around the metropolitan Phoenix area including Drive-Thru Gallery, First Studio, Northlight Gallery and Palabra. Her most recent work is featured among six photographers in Art Problems premiere publication 20,000 Hours. Abigail graduated magna cum laude in May of 2014 as a Bachelor of Fine Art. She is interested in self-published zines with a wide array of artistic content. She has been an active member of the Tempe art community hosting and participating in the Annual Tempe Zine Convention, which is in its fourth year.

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