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Aug 12

Shooting Ghosts: A Book by Finbarr O’Reilly and Thomas James Brennan

Shooting Ghosts: The Authors Finbarr O’Reilly and Thomas James Brennan A U.S. Marine, a Combat Photographer, and Their Journey Back from War. A unique joint memoir by a U.S. Marine and a conflict photographer whose unlikely friendship helped both heal their war-wounded bodies and souls. “Brennan and O’Reilly strip away any misplaced notions of glamour, bravery, and stoicism …

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Jul 26

Film vs. Digital – A Comparison

Film vs. Digital – A Comparison Film vs. Digital: With film usage and adoption on the rise, we wanted to resurrect the debate of digital photos versus analog photos.  As a film processing lab we obviously have a bias, so not going to say which is better, but just to present the differences and list advantages. …

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Jul 17

Secret Life of Humming Birds photographed by Anand Varma for National Geographic

As they whizz through the air in a flurry of flapping wings and frantic buzzes, hummingbirds appear nothing more than a blur to the naked eye. Now, high-speed footage of these remarkable creatures has revealed an unprecedented look at the unseen details of their lives, from their tiny forked tongues to the intricate wing motion …

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Jun 26

The Decisive Moment: Countdown To Photographing An Eclipse

Capture12 Photography Tours and Adventures: A Personal Journey  The Great North American Eclipse Road Trip 2017: Mesa Arizona to Rexburg Idaho 947 miles So here’s the deal. I’ve wanted to see an eclipse for as long as I can remember and on August the 21st 2017 I have an opportunity to do so. I witnessed …

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Jun 24

How to Photograph a Solar Eclipse

  Whereas lunar eclipses are safe to view with the naked eye, solar eclipses are not. You must take the necessary precautions to keep from harming your eyesight. In fact, you also need to use a “solar filter” to keep from harming your camera’s imaging sensor as well as for correct exposure. A solar eclipse …

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Feb 28

Capture 12 & 12 Captured-A Juried Exhibit by Mark Klett

12 Captured will be the next show at Capture 12 the gallery, in Downtown Phoenix. The call to photographers drew a lot of attention from numerous incredible image-makers from all over the US. The resulting 12 photographers were selected by Mark Klett and promises to be a great exhibition of work. The show, in collaboration with phICA, …

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Jan 20

International Call to Artists

Sponsored by Capture12 Gallery and Phoenix Institute of Contemporary Art (phICA) About the Juror: Mark Klett, world-renowned visual artist / ASU Regents Art Professor. Trained as a geologist, Mark Klett photographs the intersection of culture, landscapes and time. He established his artistic perspective on the American Western landscape as the chief photographer for the Rephotographic Survey …

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Nov 10

A Book Signing Celebration

A Book Signing Celebration         at Capture 12 Gallery  Saturday November 22nd  4:00 to  8:00 p.m.  417 East Roosevelt St. Phoenix AZ 85004  (602) 819-1480   C. L. Gillmore is debuting her second novel, A Friend Request, that tells the story of Rose Allison and Jake Richardson’s coming-of-age in Midwestern America during the late …

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Sep 03

Capture12 Article in the Phoenix New Times!

Stephen Gittins Talks Plans for Capture12 with Katrina Montgomery  Phoenix New Times!   Stephen Gittins is all about making things happen. “If you’re not doing what you want to be doing, you need to create the opportunities,” he says. “You have to instill motivation in yourself to push forward and find what you’re looking for.”Gittins owns …

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Aug 26

August 30 D-SLR Part I Workshop

 Register Now for the August 30th D-SLR Part 1 Workshop     D-SLR Workshop Info and Registration -SLR Beginners 3 Hour Workshop From 9:30am until 12:30pm At Capture12 Gallery 417 E. Roosevelt St. Phoenix AZ 85202 Capture12 $95   Description: This D-SLR workshop is tailored to those who are completely new to manual controls. Terms …

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