Photography At Its Best


The image above of well renowned photographer Mark Klett looks like a regular well-lit portrait, however, this photograph was shot on film. The difference between film and digital is perhaps to a certain extent subtle but nevertheless they do not compare. There have been numerous arguments as to which medium is better, film or digital? Although I personally believe it’s like comparing vinyl records to compact discs, they are different and therefore a separate entity. Most professional musicians and recording artists will probably tell you that when you play a vinyl record, the sound has more character than a CD, perhaps more organic. I think the same applies to analogue and digital photography… It’s different, more organic. There’s also a lot more effort that goes into film photography, both in money and time. From start to finish analogue photography is a highly involved process.


The camera used to take this image was the Hasselblad 500C which shoots a 2¼ inch square negative. That’s more than triple the size of a full frame digital sensor and therefor the detail is unsurpassed.


If you are looking for a portrait photograph that beholds something special contact me and I’ll be happy to chat about setting up a shoot. For more portrait work click here.


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